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Crowd Control to Major Jam

Crowd Control to Major Jam was a fundraising event to help Fire Storm Roller Derby get to MADE Nationals in Springfield, MO.  Through donations fans were able to control the action of the game.  This included putting skaters in the penalty box and buying points.  We...

The Gobble Squabble

On November 18, skaters around the Tri-State area came together to skate in the Gobble Squabble.  This mixer placed couples and friends against each other as the Candied Jams and Green Bean Casserollers fought to become the Turkey Supremes.  It was a tight game during...

FSRD vs SJRD Game Recap

Our first game at The Castle Fun Center was amazing.  We had a lot of rookies on our team including Count Smackula and Slay D Bug skating in their first game.  With our teamwork and speed, we dominate the first quarter and South Jersey couldn’t catch up.  The final...

FSRD vs. York City Game Recap

Our away game verses York City was a fast pace game.  The pack was racing with skaters flying by fans the whole game.  While our rookies did an incredible job and Rocks Harder was a blocking force to be reckoned with York City took the lead...

New Practice Schedule

Our practice times are changing.  Starting September 6th, we'll be switching our schedule around. You can find us at The Castle Fun Center Sunday mornings 8:30-10:30am, and Monday and Thursday evenings 7:30-9:30pm.

Health Benefits of Roller Skating

A 160-pound person will burn about 548 calories during 60 minutes of roller skating, while a 200-pound person will burn about 683 calories in that same amount of time.