Photo Credit: Clark Shots

Meaning behind your Name and #: I like to bake so someone I babysat for back in the day came up with the name. My number is my mom’s birthday and she has only come to see me skate once cuz she doesn’t like that I do this sport haha

How long have you been playing roller derby? Started in 2011 on Garden State Roller Girls on a whim. Skated from 2011-2012 GSR, 2012-2014 NJRD took a 2.5yr break then came back for a year on JDB. Started Jan 2018 with Empire and the rest is history.

What position do you take? I enjoy the Pivot/B2 position but am trying to become a better Jammer

What do you do for a living? I managed a few garden centers over the past 7 years but just changed jobs to work as a weighmaster in a Stone Quarry.

Do you have kids or fur babies? No kids! Dog, cat, chickens and tarantulas

Why Roller Derby? I enjoy the challenge of skating. Pushing myself to try new things is hard for me sometimes so when I am at practice I like that I’m not my self conscious self and can just be me. The sport has evolved so much over the years and I try to go with the flow. Plus, it’s nice, if needed, to take your frustrations out on your teammates and they still love you at the end of practice.

What’s your favorite Junk food: candy. Chocolate and those sour gummy worms.

What do you like to do outside of derby? Go to car shows with my VW. I also go to paintball events throughout the year to help my bfs team in the pits. I enjoy going to concerts and watch supercross.

Something we can expect to hear you say on bout day: Are we there yet?

What advice you would give to new skaters? Never give up. Everyone learns at different paces. The more you practice and ask for help, the better you will become. Everything takes time so don’t get frustrated. I am still learning new things after all these years.

What a fellow skater has to say about Muff’n – This delicious skater serves up a healthy dose of hurtin’ on the track while impressing us with her drive to Jam. While she may be quiet, she puts it all on the track. You can trust her to have your back and she’s willing to take on any position – as long as it’s not the first jam of the game