Picture1Today, I would like to introduce our fiery, fearless leader Half Pint Hellfire, biography below in her own words:

“I started playing roller derby just before I turned 25 back in 2010.  A friend of mine and I had talked about it after she saw a flyer in November of 2009.  She joined then.  I went to see her first game in March of 2010, and went to the next practice. Roller derby became many things to me.  It was an escape from every day life to become this alter ego (Half Pint), and dress the part of a derby girl; Fishnets, short shorts, torn up shirts, pig tails… the works that I would never wear out in public on a regular basis.  It was also one hell of a work out.  It was my exercise as well as helping to drive me to go to the gym more often.  I played sports all through grade school and college, but lost that drive after graduating.  Roller derby gave that back to me.  It made me want to be a better, stronger person. Along with my renewed athleticism, roller derby gave me a family, a home.  My teammates and I became friends, close friends.  We not only skated together, but we hung out together, helped each other out, backed each other up if needed.

Starting up this new team was my opportunity to not only form a new family of my very own, but to do so with people I knew love the sport as much as I do.  This team means everything to me.  It was a fresh start for us to create something amazing.  I would give the world for my teammates, my family.  Roller derby has become part of my life, and I don’t know what I would without it or the people it has brought into my life.”

Our next introduction will feature our second leader, a classy lady who has no problem giving derby kisses!

<3 Rok