Picture2Put your meat mittens together for another one of Fire Storm’s fearless leaders, Contusion Clarice, below is her bio, in her own words:

“I started playing roller derby in the spring of 2012 at 38.  I had been running half marathons and playing rec volleyball to keep involved in sports.  A couple unconnected friends had mentioned roller derby was a sport I would enjoy.  Little did I know there was a team 15 minutes from my house.  I went to first try basic roller skating, as my primary skate had been a figure skate on ice.  I picked up the basics enough that 10 days later I went to my first practice.  I was hooked immediately.  The fear of my first game 2 months later I can see on the faces of the newer skater ever since.  It’s not fear of getting hurt, it’s that nobody wants to let their team down.  That says a lot about character.

Roller derby has been a great way to let that aggressive side out.  I can’t exactly hip check one of my therapy patients while they are learning to walk after surgery.  I need patience for my career, roller derby is quick, reflexive and stimulating.  I have always marched to the tune of my own drum and in roller derby I have found that there are more of people like myself.  Roller derby gives me an excellent physical workout while being competitive.

The players that I have met, and as most players agree, it’s a second family.  Between practices, fundraisers and games we spend on average 5-10 hours a week together.  This is still not enough time as we often meet up on days we don’t have a roller derby function.  It’s a tight knit group that you can count on, off and on the track.

Starting a team from the ground up was the right decision.  There are flaws in every league and we are not brushing any possible issue under the rug.  We want a content and prosperous family.  As in any business if the workers are happy then the product is valued.  All of us skaters are the workers and bringing quality derby to everyone we will be our greatest product.  The people that have joined us have miles of heart and talent.  I would go to the end of the world happily with Fire Storm.”

In our next post, we will introduce our last fearless, incredible, and invincible leader. Meanwhile, take a look at our awesome calendars for 2016, pre-orders are now being accepted!


<3 Rok