As of Friday evening, we had our first official practice in a tentative home! It was sort of spur of the moment, as I legitimately received an email about two days prior that offered us a time slot to come in and test it out; currently, the location cannot be disclosed to the public, like any good Bat Cave.

Eight skaters showed up, two of them are recruits, who we invited to join us at the Bat Cave to test it out, particularly the floor which is a little too soft for an actual game; our lovely coach, Criss Catastrophe, put us through some drills to let us test the floor and the environment around us, as spectators would come around the draping curtain to watch us in between their recreational activities. Despite sprinting through what felt like molasses, doing a pace line, pack work, and gasping for air, we had smiles on our face- finally, back on skates, back to working as a team.

Unfortunately, I can’t give too much more information regarding the Bat Cave, but as we progress, keep an eye out for 11168071_499446823560930_8415115146073884848_nupdates! In the meantime, November 14, 2015 at 8:00pm, come out and join us at Billy Joe’s Rib Works in Newburgh for a Passion Party and Ugly Sweater contest. It’s bound to be a blast- sex toys, booze, boobs, and awesome derby skaters! Until then, we will have two more skater introductions!

<3 Rok