Today’s featured skater is your’s truly, Ragna Rök!

“Ever since I was young, I was an athlete- years of karate, track and field, and weight lifting; but after college, I lost the IMG_0122sense of a team. In 2014, I became an NSO for an upstate league, seeing for the first time a roller derby game and instantly fell in love with the sport, but I already committed to another sport at that time: summer 2014, I tried out for the USA Bobsled team, and fell short by 7/10’s of a second. Shortly after my family moved out of state, I bought my first pair of skates ever and joined the local team in my hometown to get out of my apartment more. The team became my family, and I found myself spending hours with them, loving every single moment and wishing I did this sooner. When they asked me to put together a means to find the financial backing for the team, I couldn’t say no, and even more importantly: I knew the stakes and the difficulty, and still said yes.

Everyone on this team relies on each other, on and off the track; we understand the importance of working together as a unit and getting each other’s back. With incredible and trusted leadership, love, and a twisted sense of humor, this team will achieve its current goals and then some.”


Up next, we have a skater that’s sure to break your bones.

<3 Rok


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