Put together your meat hooks to welcome our today’s skater, Bonecrush-her:

“I found roller derby in June of 2008. My best friend had been telling me about it for a while, saying it was something that would be right up my alley. Mainly because she knows a full contact sport to let my aggression out on others would be the best thing in the world for me! Shortly after, I saw a recruitment ad and decided to give it a shot and fell in love instantly! I had never been the “athletic” type and boy did it show the minute I stepped onto that track! Despite the fact that I had no skating or athletic ability whatsoever, the team welcomed me with open arms and taught me everything I needed to know and within 3 months I was skating in my first game!

1888752_10205202850901065_1404835243690575720_nAs with anything it took time and dedication to excel and I was determined to get there. Within a year I was a seasoned well-oiled skating machine known only as Bonecrush-her! Being a wife and mother created other obstacles that I needed to overcome to make time for the sport I grew to love. I became pregnant with my daughter and obviously had to take a break from skating but that didn’t stop me from attending every game, event, fundraiser etc. until the day I could come back. My daughter was born 2 months early due to complications and I was back on the rink on my scheduled due date! (Now that’s what I call dedication)

My children are my biggest fans and support me 100% and are always inviting friends and their families to come watch me skate. They love seeing mom’s aggression taken out on other people and not them haha! Another bonus was the amazing family I gained from this sport, I say family because “friends” do not even come close to describe the amazing people I have gained in my life over the last 6+ years. These people would give you the shirt off their backs (some literally have) and would do anything for each other and those life long friendships are irreplaceable! Here’s to many great years of bruises, beatings and derby kisses ahead!!!”

Stay tuned for our next skater!

<3 Rok


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