Today’s skater is a hit on the track, BethamphetaMEAN:

“I started skating in February of 2012. I had been watching my local roller derby team play for a few years and i remember thinking how badly I wanted to turn 18 and finally be able to join them. When I joined I had a very bad case of baby giraffe syndrome, I could barely stand with skates on. About a month of scooting around the rink holding on to the guardrail later I was almost able to stand up straight. Skating comes very easily to some people, especially those who are naturally graceful. I was definitely not one of those people. It took me a whole year and a half of skating to even pass my minimum skills test. I didn’t originally pass my test, I think i failed twice before I was finally successful. When I failed I cried, I got angry, and then I pushed harder, skated faster, and hauled myself to victory.

My derby name, BethamphetaMEAN, came from one of my college friends who used to mess around and give me nicknames. My team-wide nickname is Brick House due to how hard I am to knock over. I am certainly not the fastest skater Untitledbut I do not go down without a fight. I am about six feet tall and the way I explain my nickname to everyone is “big truck vs. little car”. I am a big truck and when little cars run into me it doesn’t end well.

As a big girl I think Roller Derby has always been my motivator to never give up. I don’t have the optimal skater physique but I never let anyone tell me I couldn’t do it. When I’m not knocking over lads and lasses on the rink I am a gore special effects makeup artist and also a dance teacher. I want my fans to know that I believe in them. No matter what shape or size or background you come from I believe you can do whatever you want to do and always push yourself to be better. Your only competition is yourself.

Yours truly, BethamphetaMEAN, Brick House, and RefamphetaMEAN”

Up next, a jammer who’s sure to sneak up and attack when least expected!

<3 Rok