Some of you may have noticed a drop in air pressure, the air is starting to spark. There’s a storm on the horizon, and it’s rolling in fast. Last night there was some thunder in the background, as our skaters hit the ground for practice; March 5 at 6pm, more sparks will fly as we host our Tricky Tray at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Monroe (Tricky Tray Tickets). But that’s just the drizzle, the real storm is still building!

As most of those who frequent the Facebook world may have already heard, FSRD is happy to announce our first game, a double header mixer with MADE rule set, April 30 at Ice Time Sports in Newburgh!

The first game is beginner/intermediate with a tentative first whistle at 6:30pm, and the second game is intermediate/advanced to follow! To register as a skater, please follow this REGISTRATION LINK. If you are unable to skate, but are totally digging the game watching greatness that is roller derby, grab your tickets!

The storm’s brewing. Are you ready?