Skaters from all over the Northeast – representing 18 different leagues – joined Firestorm for this Double Header Mash Up.  Both games included great blocking, hard hitting, and fast skating that made for a couple of epic pile ups and great entertainment.

The Soda Jerks and Pink Ladies played in the first game.  These teams were made up of rookie skaters, such as, Demonika who made her derby debut as a Pink Lady.  In the end Soda Jerks won 127 to 85.  MVP Jammers went to Spock and Awe from the Pink Ladies and Tropikill Storm for the Soda Jerks.  MVP Blockers went to the Pink Ladies’ Nitro Jen and FSRD’s very own Joygantor for the Soda Jerks.

Advanced skaters played in the second game.  The Beach Brawlers took home the win in a super close game over the Wave Crashers, 63-58.  MVP Jammers went to Smashing Pumpkin on the Beach Brawlers and FSRD’s Blaze from the Wave Crashers.  MVP Blockers were Smash Ketch’em for Beach Brawlers and Groper Cleavage from Wave Crashers.