Fire Storm vs. “The World” was Fire Storm’s first home game against another team this season.  Many of the skaters who played in Fire Storm’s last home game were still rookies.  This game was proof that practice pays off.  Their communication, track awareness and overall teamwork was on point. 

“The World” was made up of amazing skaters from all over the Northeast.  They came together to take on Fire Storm and see what this growing team is made of.  Fire Storm took the lead in the first quarter, and while “The World” closed the gap, they were not able to overtake Fire Storm.  In the end FSRD won 87 to 68.  MVP blockers went to Fire Storm’s Contusion Clarice and “The World’s” Squirrel Jam .  MVP jammers went to Fire Storm’s Alovicious Snuffleupagus and “The World’s” Rolling Thunder .