The Storm Is Rolling In was a double header played by MADE rules. There were 15 different leagues represented on the track.

Nor’Easter Nightmare vs Tropical Storms:

This was the first MADE game for many of the skaters on these teams and they rocket it.  Despite the many forearm calls by refs, everyone finished with smiles.  After a hard-fought battle, the Nightmares took the win 92-63.  MVP jammers went to visiting skaters Shady from Tropical Storm and Katsup from Nor’Easter Nightmare.  MVP blockers went to Firestorm favorites Criss Catastrophe from Tropical Storm and Rhodey from Nor’Easter Nightmare.

Maroon Monsoons vs Hail and Oates:

Six skaters from the previous game went right back on the track to join the Maroon Monsooners.  While the teams were both strong, Hail and Oates kept their jammers rolling through the pack taking the lead early and eventually winning the game 86-34.  With a killer 8-point jam completely unopposed it is no surprise, Slamabelle took home MVP jammer for the Monsoons.  Squirrel Jam was awarded MVP jammer for Hail and Oates.  MVP blockers went to the Monsoons Boom and Hail and Oates Jynx Dagan.