South Jersey Roller Derby is one of our oldest opponents. As a result, it is always an extra fun, exciting, and competitive game. With a roster of only 10 skaters we were a little nervous but, our walls and communication with each other were on point. We took the lead in the first half, and even being down a skater in the third quarter, we kept our lead. In the end, we won 84-69. Congratulations to our MVPs. Little Dipper from South Jersey and Ruff’n Muff’n from Firestorm were awarded MVP blockers, while Spock and Awe from South Jersey and Oderus from Firestorm earned the medals for jamming.

Betty, Muff’n, and Cookie forming a wall to block SJ’s jammer.
Slay D Bug bracing Snuffy as she uses amazing footwork to get out of a hard hit by SJ’s Little Dipper.

*Thank you Pix by Papi for your amazing action shots.