While we will continue to skate and have games in Chester, we ended our season in Newburgh with a double header. 

Game 1: Mighty Mojitos vs. Pina Colliders:

This was a beginner/intermediate game.  It featured skaters who have never played MADE rules before, rookies, and vets returning from leave.  The Mighty Mojitos took the lead in the first jam and continued to grow that lead in the first half.  While the Pina Colliders played hard and closed the gap during the second half of the game, they could not overtake the Mojitos.  In the end, the Mighty Mojitos won 81-66.  On the Pina Colliders, MVPs went to MADE newbies, Chili Con Carnage and Harley Sin.  On the Mighty Mojitos, Electric Beckett and Misbehaven Maven took home the MVP awards.     

Some halftime fun! – taken by clarkshots.com

Game 2: Shirley Tempers vs Mermaid Mimosas:

This was an extremely fast intermediate/advanced game and included skaters from all rule sets.  Contrary to the first game this one was a nail biter.  The Shirley Tempers took a small lead in the beginning but the Mermaid Mimosas kept them in check.  By the end of the game it was anyone’s guess who would win.  With a score of 51-51 the teams lined up for the final jam.  The Shirley Tempers claimed a two-point victory over the Mermaid Mimosas.  This was the closest mixer we’ve ever had.  MVPs went to Smashing Pumpkin and Pappy2Skates on the Mermaid Mimosas.  Rolling Thunder and Katsup took home the MVPs on the Shirley Tempers.

Post Game Group Shot – taken by clarkshots.com