Before giving a recap of our latest game against York City we need to give a brief history.  When we played against York City in 2018, they dominated us.  They started off with a huge lead and we couldn’t keep up.  On September 24, we traveled to Pennsylvania to play them in what was a very competitive game.  York City won that day by only 2 points.  Now our most recent home game against them was a different story.  The tides turned and we controlled the lead.  

On September 22, we were ready to win.  Our team had confidence we didn’t have prior to the previous away game.  We started off strong and ended the first quarter with a 13-point lead.  As the game progressed our lead gained slightly but we were tired.  By the third quarter, the amount of penalties we received increased and Oderus was ejected for having one too many.  By the end of the game we won, 84-55.  MVPs went to York City’s Reaping Beauty and Awe Shux, and Firestorm’s Betty Rage and Alovicious Snuffleupagus.