Photo courtesy of David Dyte

Meaning behind name and #: In homage to True Blood and Grindhouse films number is 52 which is the year sister was born.

Position you take: I usually block but will occasionally pivot or jam just for a good laugh

How long have you been playing derby: I have been playing on and off about 8 years have taken off for school and injuries at various times

How many kids/fur babies do you have: I have 2 boys, one plays soccer and the other junior roller derby. 4 cats and 1 dog

Why derby: I saw a friend playing. I love that it is tough and fast and wacky and such a diverse group of people.

Favorite junk food: Twizzlers, I am addicted

What can we hear you say at a game: Nice-usually after someone hits me hard.

What advice do you have for need skater: you may not end up being the Star player but everyone finds their place and becomes integral to the team

When we asked a teammate about Sookie, this is what they said: Sookie is a wonderful member of the team. She is so outgoing and adventurous and always welcomes everyone into our group without question. She makes everyone feel like they fit in with her fantastic out of the box personality and is right there to help if anyone gets hurt. Sookie has a ton of determination as well and doesn’t stay down for long if she gets hurt. she has the heart and soul of a dragon! Love you