Photo Credit: Pix by Papi

Meaning behind your Name and #: I mean roller derby always involves bruises and I was worried I wouldn’t respond to something that didn’t include my real name.
7 was number through all my sports from junior high to college.

How long have you been playing roller derby? 7 years

What position do you take?
Always Blocker. My teammates think it’s cute to try and make me Jam though.

What do you do for a living? I have a degree in Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy. I primarily work at my massage office.

Do you have kids or fur babies? Two humans and Three canines. I would go into a burning fire for any of them.

Why Roller Derby? I have always been involved in sports. I had 4 older brothers so there was always full contact of whatever sport. I mean basketball could get brutal. I heard about derby and if I could learn to skate I knew I would enjoy it.

Whats your favorote Junk food: I mean I enjoy chocolate but my downfall is cheese. All the cheese. Mmmm

What do you like to do outside of derby? I love time with my family, nature, gardening, art, and anything with animals.

Something we can expect to hear you say on bout day: ‘Why aren’t there bodies on the ground!’

What advice you would give to new skaters? We all learn at a different speeds, there are no stupid questions, there’s no such thing as can’t, and the more time on your skates the better. Oh and practice stuff on your bad side, it sucks but it makes you a threat!

When we asked a teammate about her, this is what they had to say: Clarice seems REALLY scary when you see her on the track. She hits hard and loves it! But behind the lady that “hits the things”, is also someone who is a wonderful coach and great teammate. She’s fun and always up for some karaoke. 💗