Gobble Squabble marked the end of our 2019 season.  Skaters from all over the tristate area were divided into 2 teams; the WishBone-Breakers and Smashed Potatoes.  Participating skaters consisted of rookies, vets, and skaters returning from leave or retirement.  During this game we saw a lot of big hits, some good whips, and few penalties.  The WishBone-Breakers took an early lead in the first quarter and ended the game 82-65.  MVP blockers were Gently Baster Her for Smashed Potatoes and Gravy Love Boat for WishBone-Breakers.  Your Weird Uncle took home MVP jammer for Smashed Potatoes and WishBone-Breakers MVP jammer was Al Roker’s Mom’s Sweet Potato Poon.

Photo Credit: Sean Childs