Derby Name: Suki Suki Now (make sure you read it with some sass)

Meaning behind your Name and #: My nickname has always been Suki. I’ve been into cars as long as I can remember and one friend said I reminded them of Suki from 2 fast 2 furious (the worst of the Fast and Furious franchise) but the name stuck. The number is one-eight-seven for homicide/murder. My dad is retired nypd and he gave me my number. He says I’m a killer but I don’t see it LOL

How long have you been playing roller derby? Well I started in 2008 ad took a break in 2009 when i shattered by left leg 13 fractures! I broke my tibia and fibula so now I have a titanium rod in my leg. I came back for another 2yrs then started trying to have a baby. Now that my little guy is old enough I’m SLOWLY but surely making my way back in.

What position do you take? I prefer blocker but ill do whatever my team needs me to do.

What do you do for a living? HAHA with the tattoos and mermaid hair you’d never guess that I work in finance! But i’ve been with Subaru since 2010. I love numbers, I love cars, it’s the perfect job for me.

Do you have kids or fur babies? I have 4 children! 1 human and 4 canines. They are my babies, you cannot tell me otherwise. If you have pets, guess what they are my furphews now.

Why Roller Derby? I’ve played other sports. But the amount of concentration and fast paced life of derby is just amazing. There’s nothing like lacing up your skates and just getting on that rink. It’s better than anything I can imagine and I feel lucky to have established some life long friendships throughout this.

What’s your favorite Junk food: oh boy I love Throat Punches sweet potato pie and Hi Jinxes whisky bundt cake but my favorite go to is Japanese Cheesecake…get in my belly!!!

What do you like to do outside of derby? I’m an outdoors person. I love hiking, taking my dogs out anywhere and I love to read. I have a pretty huge library. We just bought a house so I’m enjoying remodeling it.

Something we can expect to hear you say on bout day: I’m gonna hurt tomorrow LOL

What advice you would give to new skaters? Be yourself! The great thing about Derby and our team especially is that no matter what gender, race, religion, we are all a bunch of misfits that have come to form this wonderful little family. You don’t have to change who you are for us to love you. Also, learn at your own pace we are all at different skill levels but at the end of the day we all help each other to be the best player we can be.

We asked a teammate about Suki, and this is what they said: When Suki skates toward you, your instinct is to get out of the way. Off the track that same look means I love you. Anything she does is done with intensity and that makes her a great human in every aspect of her life. I’m happy to be part of that intensity.