Photo Credit: Corri Houlihan

Meaning behind your Name and #: Since I am part Irish, I wanted to reflect that. And what’s better than some Shenanigans? And my number come from the 32 counties of Ireland.

How long have you been playing roller derby? I’m really terrible with anniversary dates…. Maybe like 2 1/2 or 3 years??

What position do you take? I like jamming and pivot, but since I have been off skates I have lost my endurance. I blocked in the last game and loved it! So, I’m versatile.

What do you do for a living? Currently I work very part time as a mail carrier. Hopefully someday soon that will change to full time.

Do you have kids or fur babies? I have 2 daughters(12 & 9) who love to help out at games selling stars. Also 2 Yorkies and a leopard gecko.

Why Roller Derby? I was never very athletic growing up – my sport was art. So…. Not sporty. But after my divorce, I was looking for things that were different to see what I was capable of. I went to watch a game my friend was in and was like, “Oh yeah! I’ve GOT to do this!!!”

What’s your favorite Junk food: salty snacks – tortilla chips, pretzels, pita chips. But I can’t go to bed unless I’ve had ice cream. 🤔

What do you like to do outside of derby? Hang with my family. My kids keep me busy! But I love photography, art, traveling, and singing.

Something we can expect to hear you say on bout day: Whatever it is, it’s done LOUDLY!!! I tend to be kinda loud.

What advice you would give to new skaters? Nothing feels better than finally being able to do that thing you never thought you would be able to do. And with these coaches and great bunch of peoples, you will have great support to get there! Stick with it!!!

When we asked a teammate about Shenanigans, this is what they had to say: She is very kind and generous, great teammate and friend. Awesome to skate with.