This is a Skaters Only Page – 
You can pay your monthly dues here each month, or you can set up your monthly payment. Dues are due no later than the 7th of each month. They go towards our monthly rent at the Castle which is $1,150.
After the 7th day, skaters will be charged a late fee of $5. Skaters who do not pay their dues for the month will be restricted from practice until dues are up to date.

Benefits of paying your dues on time – 
– You are eligible to be rostered for games (assuming other requirements are fulfilled)
– Skaters are permitted to go to Castle Open Skates for FREE
– You get a discount on Mixers (if your dues are not in, you pay a visitors fee)

~Full Time Dues Paying Members – Monthly Dues are $40/month. 

~Full Time Dues Paying Satellite Skaters (If you live more than 50 Miles away) – Monthly dues are $30 to account for travel.

~Non Skating Managers – Monthly dues are $10 – Managers are accountable for dues, even if you are not a skating member of this team. 


You May Subscribe for Monthly Payments (strongly suggested)  OR You may make a 1 time payment. 

Monthly Subscription
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1 Time Dues Payment
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