Today, I would like to introduce our last incredible owner of Fire Storm, InvinciBill, below is an interview as to why he is part of the roller derby community:

Rok: “Why did you start roller derby?”

InvinciBill: I was depressed and had extremely low self esteem and confidence. I had gone to see a couple Albany Allstars games and at my First Roller Derby after party I mentioned to one of the girls that I would love to try it. she told me that I should. I got a lot of encouragement from her and I was fortunate enough to find a team local to me. I bought mUntitledy first pair of skates and began skating wherever I could. even at work on my lunch break. I fell a lot and learned a lot but eventually I was confident enough on my skates to play my first game. I was also asked to play on the team that skated in the OSDA championships.

Rok: “What does skating mean to you?”

Fun really. I love when I am in perfect synchronicity with my abilities and my skates. I love going fast, doing something that not everyone can do. I also love skating with good friends. I have never in my life made the kind of friends that I have since joining derby. I am not really competitive. as long as I am having fun doing what I love winning is a distant

Rok: “What does this new team mean to you?”

InvinciBill: A chance to keep doing what I love and to do it in a new way. Try new things and maybe meet a bunch of new people. I don’t get out much so having this is important. Is be a virtual recluse without derby.

Next up, we begin to introduce the rest of the team, starting with a lethal jammer. Also, don’t forget to check out our upcoming calendars, now up for pre-orders!

<3 Rok